1. Calculating FAR

Calculating FAR How to auto calculate project FSI based on site area, and as per regulations

Floor Area Ratio or Floor Space Index is auto calculated in Snaptrude. It is displayed in the Areas tab on the right panel along with the overall BUA and CA of the project.

FAR is calculated as:

FAR = (Total BUA - CA of unchecked rooms) / Site Area

Site Area is automatically calculated as the sum total of all the masses tagged as Site. You can also manually enter Site Area in the Project Properties tab in the right panel.

The check box next to each space indicates if that space is included in the FAR calculation. You can uncheck all spaces, like staircases and balconies, that you do not want to include in the FAR calculations.

Customising area calculations as per local regulations

You can use the Area settings tool to decide how much of internal and external walls are included or excluded from carpet area and built up area.

The following image shows the default settings. Area of internal walls are split equally between adjacent rooms from default Built up Area calculations, and completely excluded from default Carpet Area calculations. On the other hand, area of external walls are added to the room the walls belong to in the Built up Area break-up.

Area settings

You can modify the defaults at any time during your project. For example, if local regulations state the internal walls are part of carpet area, you can change the CA Internal Walls value to 0.5. The updated areas are displayed in the Areas tab.

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