Create a copy of an object

Create a copy of an object How to create one or more, identical or unique copies of an object or group of objects using the Copy/Array tool Amritha Krishnan

You can copy an object or a group of objects in both plan as well as 3D view using the Copy/Array tool.

Click on the copy tool and click on the edge or vertex of the object you want to copy. Move the mouse in the direction of the copy, and click again to place the copy.

To copy the object at a specific distance, in the input field Distance, type in the distance and press the Enter key.

To create multiple copies of the object, click on the numerical input field Copies and type in the number of copies and press the Enter key.

You can give multiple inputs during Copy/Array by clicking and typing in each input field. You can also change the same field multiple times by clicking and typing in a different value in the same input box.

Creating unique or identical copies

To create unique copies of the object, turn the numerical input field On by clicking on it. Non-unique copies of objects have the same geometry, such that if one copy is edited, all the copies are edited. Material applied to one copy is applied to all copies.

Copying a group of objects

To copy a group of objects, you need to select the group of objects. These objects can be rooms, walls, furniture, etc. Click on the select tool and Ctrl + click multiple objects or marquee select multiple objects. Now you can use the Copy/ Array tool.

Copying objects using keyboard shortcuts

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl. + C and Ctrl. + V to copy and paste objects. Objects can only be copied and pasted onto the same storey.

Making a copy unique after copying

Non-unique (cloned) copies of an object can be made unique using the Make Unique button in Object Properties. This works for objects copied using Copy/Array with the check box off. It also works for objects copied by storey replication (Copy Selection Up & Down) with the check box off.

Select the objects (rooms, walls, slabs, etc) you want to make unique. Open Object Properties in the right tab, and click on Make Unique.


Editing Copied Rooms

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