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1. Creating a site plan from an AutoCad drawing

1. Creating a site plan from an AutoCad drawing How to automatically convert an uploaded AutoCad drawing into a site model in Snaptrude using the Create Drawing tool Amritha Krishnan

To convert the uploaded AutoCad plan into a 3D site on Snaptrude, you can use the Create Drawing tool.

First, ensure that the Cad layer is active: Go to the Storeys tab, click on the storey the AutoCad drawing has been uploaded into, and then click on the Cad layer to activate it.

Click on the Create Drawing tool and click within the enclosed region of the site, as well as of any roads and other features.

You can label the site, roads, waterbodies, etc. In 3D, you will see the extrusion updated as per the labels.

Pro Tips:

  1. Remove all extraneous details from the the AutoCad drawing. Try and bring in a drawing with minimal number of lines. This makes it faster for Snaptrude to process the information and create a model from the drawing.

  2. If the site is contoured, convert the contoured lines to continuous line type before bringing into Snaptrude for modelling.

  3. You can import multiple AutoCad drawings into your project. So bring in the site outline and roads as one file, and any other details such as trees, survey lines, text, and any other details as a separate file.

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