Place and remove fenestration

Place and remove fenestration Place parametric door and window components with auto hole creation on walls Amritha Krishnan

The door and window library is in the Fenestration tab in the right panel. Doors and windows are classified into types (swing, sliding, folding, etc), and the library is populated accordingly.

Click on Door and scroll through the list of door types. Click on the type you want to use. The thumbnails displayed on the right represent the different styles and dimensions of doors in that category. Click on the door you want to use.

Hover on a wall after selecting the door or window. The distance of the door or window from the closest perpendicular wall is displayed. Move your mouse over the wall till the door or window is where you want it to be. You can enter the desired distance from the wall to place the door or window accurately.

You can also place the door or window in plan. All doors and windows now have a plan representation corresponding to their type.

To delete a door or window, click on it and press the Delete key.

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