1. Rotating an object or a group of objects in plan (2D)

1. Rotating an object or a group of objects in plan (2D) How to rotate objects precisely in plan by specifying the rotation angle Amritha Krishnan

Click on the rotate tool and hover on the object you want to rotate. A blue bounding box indicates the object.

Click on the object. A blue line indicates the base line for rotation. Click again to place the line.

Move the mouse in either direction. The object starts rotating and the angle of rotation is displayed on the screen.

Click again to rotate the object, or enter an angle in degrees to rotate the object accurately.

Note that objects are rotated about their centres and angles are measured in the clockwise direction only.

To rotate a group of objects, first you need to select the group of objects. These objects can be rooms, walls, furniture, etc. Click on the select tool and Ctrl + click multiple objects or marquee select multiple objects. Now you can rotate them with the Rotate tool.

Note that when you rotate a wall, all doors and windows placed on it, as well as furniture snapped to it, will also be rotated. Conversely, you cannot rotate doors and windows alone, without selecting the wall on which they are placed.

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