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1. Saving Views

1. Saving Views Save perspective and orthographic views, customise view styles to use for presentations Amritha Krishnan

You can save any 2D or 3D view using the Save Scene button. Orbit or Pan around your model to set the desired view. Open the Views tab in the right panel and click Save Scene. The view is saved.

Click on the thumbnail of a saved view in the Views tab to open that view on the canvas.

To hide objects from a view, select the objects and click on the Hide tool. Now save the view. The objects will remain hidden in the saved view.

Elevation views

There are specific buttons to navigate to Top view, Front view and Side view.

Position Camera

The Position Camera tool lets you set up a camera in a specific direction, at human eye level. This is useful for setting up eye level perspectives for presentations.

Shaded and textured view styles

Use the shaded and textured view buttons to toggle between textures being visible in the model or not.

Orthographic views

You can now view your model in orthographic projection to get clean elevations and diagram-friendly views. Click on the Orthographic button to toggle between the Orthographic and Perspective modes. You can then navigate to Front and Side views to view 2D elevations. This is also useful for creating 3D orthographic diagrams.

To create renderings of your project, see this article on how to export Snaptrude models into a rendering software.

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