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1. Uploading a sketched image of your design

1. Uploading a sketched image of your design How to start modelling a design from a hand drawn sketch of your floor plan on Snaptrude Amritha Krishnan

Click on the Upload Sketch button to upload a single line sketch of the floor plan. A pop up appears.

Navigate on your computer to the saved plan sketch, and drag and drop it into the pop up. Click the Submit button.

The image is uploaded. You will be prompted to specify the scale of the image.

On uploading the image of the sketch, you will be prompted to set its scale.

Once uploaded, you can show or hide the image by going to the Storeys tab and clicking on the storey to which you uploaded the image. You will see that the image has been added into a new layer. The toggle next to the layer lets you hide it.

Before uploading a sketch here, please ensure that your sketch is reasonably clean, is a single line sketch, and doesn't have any annotations, arrows, door-window representations, etc.

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