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1. Uploading an Autocad drawing of the site

1. Uploading an Autocad drawing of the site How to bring in or import an AutoCad drawing of a site plan or a survey plan Amritha Krishnan

You can bring in your .dwg files into Snaptrude. It will be imported at the exact dimensions and units as the AutoCAD drawing. Multiple drawings can be imported to a single storey, or placed across any storey. You will also be able to move the .dwg around Snaptrude’s model space accurately.

Vertex snapping is enabled on the AutoCAD drawing for the Draw and Move tools. This enables you to use a common basepoint to bring in and locate multiple files. You will also be able to accurately trace over an AutoCAD drawing, using the Draw tool and these snaps.

The Create Drawing tool works on AutoCAD drawings as well. Just click on the correct Cad layer in the Storeys tab to activate it, and click on the Create Drawing button and anywhere within the .dwg to detect the outline of the mass.

How to upload an ACad drawing

Click on the Upload Site button to upload an AutoCAD drawing of the site. A pop up appears.

Navigate on your computer to the saved site plan, and drag and drop it into the pop up. Click the Submit button.

Once uploaded, you can activate and show or hide the drawing by going to the Storeys tab and clicking on the storey to which you uploaded the site plan. You will see that the AutoCAD has been added into a new layer, labelled as Cad-filename.

Pro Tips for uploading AutoCAD files in Snaptrude

  1. Please note that very large AutoCAD files (> 80,000 edges) may make the interface unstable. We recommend removing any unnecessary information and layers, and purging the drawing before bringing it into Snaptrude.

  2. Verify the project units (Type and Units in Insertion Scale) in AutoCAD to ensure that there is no discrepancy on import. AutoCAD recommends that projects in Metric units are saved as Decimal type, and projects in Imperial units are saved as Engineering or Architectural type.

  3. You can import multiple AutoCAD drawings into your project. So bring in the site outline and roads as one file, and any other details such as trees, survey lines, text, and any other details as separate files. This will enable you to use the Create Drawing tool and create your model 5x faster.

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