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2. Adding shadows to presentation views Add site-specific shadows to your project for visualization and solar analyses Amritha Krishnan

Design with context-specific climate analysis with solar studies.

Set your site location using the Topography tool. Search for your project city in the search bar and press the Enter key. Once the project city loads up, close the pop-up without clicking the Go button.

In the Views tab in the right panel, click on the Shadows button to turn shadows on. A set of sliders are displayed to indicate the Date, Month, and Time of the shadow. Move the slider to set the date, month, and time of the study, and the shadows are accordingly displayed.

You can now save views with shadows using the Save Scene tool.



Shadows are crisper and more realistic than ever before, with much better image sampling. Shadows in interior areas, shadows from details like pergolas, and shadows on glazing and other drawn masses are much clearer. Shiny spots and inconsistent shadows are removed. Orientation of project North has been fixed to always point in the negative blue axis direction (or up in plan)


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