2. Create Area Groups

Create Area Groups Grouping and ungrouping spaces for built up area calculations, like 2BHK/ 3BHK or Commercial/ Residential


You can group spaces together for more customisation of area calculations.

  • For example, in a masterplan, you can group all the spaces that belong to each building, so you can get the cumulative built-up and carpet areas of each building.

  • Alternately, you can group all the rooms of a 2BHK together to get the total built-up and carpet area of the 2BHK.

Click on the labels of all the rooms you want to group together, then click on the Create Group button.

The group is given a name by default. You can change this by double clicking on the name, typing in a preferred name and pressing Enter.

You can click on the arrow near the group name to see the carpet areas of all the rooms/ spaces within that group.

You can ungroup spaces by clicking on a group and clicking on the delete group button.

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