1. Customising the furniture library- Import models

1. Customising the furniture library- Import models Import SketchUp models of furniture from your computer or from 3D Warehouse to your online library for use in models Amritha Krishnan

In the Furniture tab on the right panel, click the Add Interior tool. The “Import Objects” dialogue box opens up. In the Type of Component drop-down, select the category you want the component to be associated with. Click on Attach.

Navigate to the file location in the your computer, and select the furniture file(s). File types supported are .skp, .obj, .fbx, .3ds. Ensure that you have saved zipped each furniture file as a separate .zip file before uploading.

You can upload upto 10 furniture files simultaneously. Click Upload. The furniture objects are now added to your library.

You can also add custom categories to the furniture library. So in addition to Living, Dining, Kitchen, you can add Landscape, Lighting, Tables, Sofas, etc.

Pro Tip: You need to import a furniture model only once. Once imported, the model can be used across all your projects. The model will be accessible only to you.

How to import a SketchUp furniture model into Snaptrude

You can import SketchUp files either from your personal library or from the 3D Warehouse. In case you want to use a model from the 3D Warehouse, download it into your computer in SketchUp 2017 version.

Open the SketchUp file and place the furniture object at the Origin. Purge the file is to remove any unnecessary geometry. We recommend importing SketchUp furniture that is smaller than 10MB to ensure that Snaptrude behaves smoothly.

Check whether the units are Metric or Imperial.

Snaptrude imports files of SketchUp 2017 and older, so we recommend saving the file in SketchUp 2017 version. Save the furniture file in .zip format. This file is ready for import. You can import it using the Add Furniture button in Snaptrude.

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