2. Rotating an object or a group of objects in 3D

2. Rotating an object or a group of objects in 3D How to rotate rooms in 3D to create interesting massing or geometry Amritha Krishnan

In 3D, you can rotate objects about the XZ, XY and YZ planes in Massing mode, but only the XZ plane in BIM mode.

Click on the object or group of objects you want to rotate. A blue bounding box indicates the object.

Click on the rotate tool and click on the face of the bounding box that you want to use as the plane of rotation.

A blue line indicates the base line for rotation. Click again to place the line.

Move the mouse in either direction. The object starts rotating and the angle of rotation is displayed on the screen.

Click again to rotate the object, or enter an angle in degrees to rotate the object accurately.

Note that objects are rotated about their centres and angles are measured in the clockwise direction only.

Pro Tip: The Rotate tool can only be used in 3D in a project created in the Massing mode. Check the top right corner on the right panel to see if the project is Massing or BIM.

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