2. Share a model with collaborators

2. Share a model with collaborators Send your project to your team or clients by sharing the project link Amritha Krishnan

Since Snaptrude is on the cloud, you can send projects to stakeholders and collaborators by simply sharing the project link. They can view the model on their desktops, tablets or phones using the link. No additional software download is needed to view the Snaptrude model.

Projects shared in this manner cannot be edited, resaved or duplicated by the collaborators. Models can be exported and downloaded only by the project Creator. It cannot be downloaded by anyone the project link has been shared with.

To open a project that has been shared with you, click on the project link. On the Chrome browser, sign in to your Snaptrude account. The project will open in View Only mode. Any edits you make on the model will not be saved.

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