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Explore the interface

Explore the interface Where are the drawing and modeling tools, how can I get help, and how to navigate around the canvas Amritha Krishnan

Top Toolbar:

This toolbar contains all the tools you need to design and model. It contains all the sketching, drawing, and editing tools.


Right Menu:

The right menu contains multiple tabs, where you can access libraries, views, and properties.

Libraries include doors and windows (Fenestration), a library of Furniture (Interior Components), and Materials.

You can access plan views (Storeys) and saved 3D views for presentation (Views)

Object-specific properties are displayed in Object Properties, and Project-specific properties like units, location, etc are in Project Properties.


Home button

Click on the Home button to save or export your project. You can also access your Projects page from here.


Special toolbar for iPads

On iPads, there are 3 additional buttons on the bottom left corner for Delete, Escape, and to open the right menu.



The red button on the bottom left corner can be used to access help and to ask us questions.



The canvas is the central drawing area.

You can navigate the canvas with Pan, Zoom and Orbit.


On a desktop, you can Pan using the middle mouse button while holding down the Ctrl. key.

You can Zoom by scrolling the middle mouse button in and out.

You can Orbit, in 3D views, by pressing the middle mouse button and dragging around the canvas.


On an iPad, you can use gestures to Pan, Zoom, and Orbit.

Use 2 fingers and drag to pan.

Pinch in and out with 2 fingers to Zoom in and out.

Use a single finger and drag around the canvas to Orbit.

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