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3. Import topography and set project datum

3. Import topography and set project datum Load topographic map of the site and surroundings, set project datum to start modelling your design at the correct elevation Amritha Krishnan

You can accurately tailor your design to the real world using our newly launched Site Topography feature. Bring in any site in the world using just its GPS location, and access real world elevation data, study the neighbourhood, road connectivity and more with our new Mapbox integration.

Click on the Topography button. Simply search for the location of your site, zoom into your site, check the Height On, and click Done. The site plan is imported with all the 3D elevational detail. It is added as a Layer to Storey 1, and can be hidden at any time. If you want to import the site without the 3D elevational detail, uncheck the Height box while bringing it in. You can also turn the height map on or off at any point after import, using the Height map toggle.

Setting project Datum

Use the Set Datum tool to pick the exact vertical position on the topography where you want to place your building. Storey 1 will be placed at this height.

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