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4. Drawing a floor plan on iPad How to create a drawing or floor plan on an iPad using an Apple Pencil. How to create a drawing from a rough sketch Amritha Krishnan

Drawing on an iPad using the Draw tool

You can draw and edit precisely with the custom keypad that enables numerical inputs for Draw and all the edit tools. Click on the Draw tool. Click on any point to start drawing, and drag the pencil where you would like to draw, exactly as you would sketch on paper. Raise the Apple pencil to complete a line and click again to start drawing the next line. A polyline indicates the room being created. To complete a room, click on any edge or vertex.

Click on the numeric display of either distance or angle with the Apple Pencil to activate the keypad. Enter the distance or angle value and press Go. Press Esc on the keypad to escape the action. Keypad is enabled for Move (Object/Face/Edge/Vertex), Edit Length, Rotate and Copy/Array.

Using Create Drawing on a sketch

To convert the drawn sketch into a line drawing on Snaptrude, you can use the Create Drawing tool.

Go to the storey on which you have sketch the floor plan by clicking on the storey in the Storeys tab.

Click on the Create Drawing tool and click within an enclosed region of the plan. The drawing of the room is created such that its dimensions are rounded to the nearest 100 mm.

Click on other enclosed areas to convert them also into drawing.

You can click on the Add New Label button to add a new room type.

Note that the drawing can only be created from sketches drawn on the Wall layer, and not from sketches drawn in any other layer.

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