4. Moving rooms across storeys

4. Moving rooms across storeys How the storey a room/ space belongs to depends on its base, and how the storey assignment of a room is updated when it is edited Amritha Krishnan

The storey a room or space belongs to is determined by the vertical location of the base of the room in Massing, or base of the flooring in BIM.

You can move a room or space or a group of rooms from one storey to another by:

  • Moving or Scaling the room vertically up or down.

  • Moving the bottom face or floor of a room up or down.

  • Scaling the room vertically from below.

When the edited rooms cross the vertical distance threshold of the storey they originally belonged to, they are assigned to a new storey.

The rooms now belong to the storey their bases are closest to vertically.

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