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Changing BIM properties of objects

Changing BIM properties of objects How to use Object Properties to set dimensions of rooms, change wall or slab thickness, doors and window dimensions and staircase properties Amritha Krishnan

Select any object or collection of objects using the Select tool.

In the right tab, click on object properties. You will see all the related properties depending on the types of objects that are selected.

The following properties are displayed here:

  • Object category, type or label

  • Length, width, thickness, height, sill, lintel of doors and windows

  • Riser, tread, width of staircases and number of steps

  • Area and volume of the selected structure

  • Storey the object belongs to

Some of these properties are editable, and some are calculated directly from the model.

Changing properties of multiple object simultaneously

Object properties are editable for multiple objects simultaneously as well. You can select multiple doors, windows, columns, pergolas or other masses together and edit their dimensions in one go.

For example, use the Select tool to select all the 2 shutter sliding windows you want to edit, either with Marquee selection or with Ctrl + Select. Open Object Properties, type in the desired width or height and press Enter. The dimensions of all the selected windows are changed.

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