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5. Labelling rooms and spaces to assign properties

Labelling rooms and spaces to assign properties How to draw balconies, decks, sites, roads, water bodies and gardens. How to assign Auto Interior properties to rooms using tags Amritha Krishnan

Labels are used to assign properties to rooms and spaces, as well as for the better organisation of the model:

  • In the Areas tab, you will see room areas organised by their labels.

  • Room labels are used by the Auto Interiors tool to show you sample layouts for rooms.

  • 3D properties, like the height of extrusion, as well as BIM properties like how walls should be generated, are dependent on the room labels.

Here is a list of smart labels:

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Mass properties

BIM properties

Alternate labels with the same properties


1000mm height

Created with parapet walls, slabs below and above, has flooring

Terrace, Refuge Terrace, Corridor (Open)


150mm height

Created with slab below and has flooring. No walls, no slab above

Patio, Verandah, Corridor (Open - Ground)


100mm height

Maintained as a mass, no walls, no slabs are generated from it

Court, Courtyard, Lawn, Green Area, Football field, Tennis court


Created as a flat surface

Site surface is maintained, 1500mm high compound walls are created around it

Plot, Vacant Plot, Boundary


100mm height

Maintained as a mass

Primary road, Secondary Road, Highway, Service road, Footpath, Walkway


500mm height below ground or storey level

A mass is maintained, walls and slab below are generated

Swimming pool, Pond, Lake, Water stream

For example, in 3D view, you will see that a mass-labelled as Site is created as a flat surface, masses labelled as Road are extruded 50 mm, Waterbody masses are sunken 500 mm below ground level, and Balcony masses are extruded to a height of 1 m.

Labelling on the Canvas

Click on the select tool and double click on the room or space you want to label.

With your keyboard, type in the label for the room or space. Auto-suggest will suggest possibilities. If you see the option you want, you can press the Enter key. Otherwise, you can type in the full label. The room is updated with that label.

If you want to change the label, you can double click and type in another label.

This can be done in plan views or 3D views.

Labelling in the right menu

In the Create Drawing tab, type in the label of the room or space in the text box. Auto-suggest will suggest possibilities in a dropdown. You can select one of the options by clicking on it, or you can type in the full label.

Then use the Create Drawing tool to create that room. The room is created with that label.

Click on the Add New Label button to add another label. Type in the new label, click on the Create Drawing tool and repeat the process.

Note that this method only allows you to label a mass once. To change a label you need to use the on-canvas method.

Auto materials

Get your 3D sketch presentation-ready instantly! Tag a room as Deck, Road, Waterbody, Footpath, Site or Courtyard. An appropriate textured material is automatically applied to it along with the default height update. You can of course change or edit this material.


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