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5. Sketching with layers

5. Sketching with layers How to organise walls, doors, furniture, text, etc into separate layers while sketching to enable quick and easy drawing creation Amritha Krishnan

You can organise your sketches through layers in Snaptrude. Every Storey has its own set of layers. These include any images or AutoCad files uploaded onto that storey.

By default, all of your sketches are placed in the Wall layer. Rooms can be created only from sketches in the Wall layer. So make sure that this layer is maintained with clean sketches.

For any additional information you'd like to sketch, like doors, annotations, arrows, furniture or diagrams, you can use the Rough layer. Any information sketched on this layer cannot be used to create drawing.

Click on the Rough layer to activate it, and you can sketch doors, etc on it.

You can also create custom rough layers by typing in the name of the rough layer, say "Furniture" and pressing the Add button.

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