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6. Placing furniture automatically (Auto Interiors)

6. Placing furniture automatically (Auto Interiors) How to use Auto Interiors to instantly present interior layouts of your design Amritha Krishnan

Furniture can be placed automatically in the model based on labels assigned to rooms.

The first step is to label all rooms, by double clicking and typing in the room name.

Once all the rooms are labelled, in the top menu, click on the Auto Interiors button.

You will see that a possible furniture layout is displayed for each room. You can move, rotate, and generally edit the furniture displayed by Auto Interiors using the edit tools.

To turn the furniture off, click on the Auto Interiors button again. Clicking the button toggles the furniture on and off.

If you edit a room's dimensions or shape, toggle the Auto Interiors off and turn it on again to see it updated.

Note that the Auto Interiors tool works currently only for residential typologies, specifically for rooms of the following types: Living, Dining, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom.

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