Creating Slabs
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Draw slabs

  1. Access Line/Arc Tool: Click the "Line" or ”Arc” tool in the design tab. A toolbar will appear on the right side of your screen, presenting various object types available in Snaptrude.

  2. Select Slab: From the "Object Type" toolbar on the right side, choose "Slab."

  3. Start Drawing: Specify the vertices of the slab profile to begin drawing. Snaptrude will automatically generate the slab based on the profile you've drawn. You can also enter the dimension values while drawing the slab sketch.

Edit Properties:

  1. Object Properties: Select the slab and modify its properties using the Object Properties toolbar on the right side of the workspace.

    1. You can adjust various options such as Label, Thickness, and Sub-Category.

    2. View additional data such as Storey Level, Surface Area, Volume, Length, and Width.

    3. Edit the structural & finishes material under the “Construction” section below the properties. To add a Finish/Structural material, click on the “+” sign and enter the name & thickness of the material. These materials are added to the BOQ as well.

  2. Push/Pull Tool: You can also edit the thickness, height, length, and width of the slab using the Push/pull tool. Activate the Push/pull tool (Shortcut “P”), click, and move the edge, face, or vertex of the slab you wish to change.

    (Pro-Tip: 1. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to restrict the cursor's movement in that direction. 2. Create a Ramp from a slab using the Push/Pull tool in the 3D mode.)

  3. Add/Remove Vertex: Edit the slab sketch by adding or removing vertices & using the push/pull to make edits. Note that the Add & remove vertex tool is available only in the 2D view.

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