Hiding and Unhiding Objects On Snaptrude

Hide and Unhide Objects On Snaptrude

Hide or Unhide object

To hide or unhide object on Snaptrude, first select the objects that needs to be hid. You can press and hold "Shift" or "Ctrl" to select multiple objects. For Mac users, you can press and hold "Shift" or "CMD".

From the bottom toolbar, click on the Hide button, shortcut is the letter H.

The objects selected have now been hidden. 

If you want to show or unhide those objects, click on the show button, next to the hide button at the bottom side of your screen. The shortcut for it is the letter U.

Hiding Slabs

If you want to just hide the slabs of your building, follow these steps.

From the bottom navigation toolbar, click on the "Hide Slabs" button next to the "show" button.

By clicking on the "Hide Slabs" button, the slab is now hidden and you can continue work or view the interior of your 3D Model.

To bring back the slabs, you can just click on the "hide slabs" button again.

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