Moving a furniture or an object

Click on the object you want to move and select the Move (M) tool. You can set an edge or vertex of the object as the base point for the move by clicking on it. A cyan indicator indicates that the base point is snapped to the edge or vertex.

Move the mouse to start moving the object. Coloured extension lines are shown when the movement is parallel to an axis or another edge.

Click again to place the object in a new location, or enter a numerical distance for the move. You can place the object accurately by snapping to an edge or vertex of another object. The snap indicator is yellow.

To move a group of objects, you need to select the group of objects. These objects can be rooms, walls, furniture, etc. Click on the select tool and Ctrl + click multiple objects or marquee select multiple objects. Then execute the Move command in the same way.

Coloured indicators of vertex, edge or face

  • Cyan: Selected object
  • Yellow: Object that is snapped to another
  • Grey: Non-editable, but can be selected as a grip point for move

Colors of reference/ extension lines:

  • Red, Green, Blue: Parallel to the axes
  • Black: Edge movement perpendicular to itself
  • Magenta: aligned to its own edge or edge of another mass, also an extension of the edge
  • Violet: orthogonal/ perpendicular to the vertex of same or another mass

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