Release 0.1.3 / 06-05-2021

What’s new


Introducing Comments. Collaborate with your stakeholders and receive real time feedback! Share your model link with team mates, and they can add comments within the model environment itself, from a desktop, or even a phone. 

To share your model, copy the URL of the model and send it to your collaborators. Anyone the model is shared with, can add comments to the model. To add a comment, click on the Comments tab on the right panel. Click on the Add Comment button, type in your feedback and press Enter. To reply to your team mate’s comment, click on the Reply button.


Parametric edits on copied objects

Parametric edits just got even more powerful! Objects that are repeated across a floor plan (lifts, stairwells, toilet cubicles, etc) or across storeys are now parametric with respect to their neighbours on all storeys. Editing a copied space, for example, a balcony, automatically edits all the neighbours of all the copies of the balcony, across all storeys. This means that you can work on detailing just one floor, and all the floor plans are updated without creating unintentional intersecting geometry.

To help you keep track of all the changes, when a copied object is edited in 3D, all its copies are now highlighted in green.


Auto materials

Get your 3D sketch presentation ready instantly! Tag a room as Deck, Road, Waterbody, Footpath, Site or Courtyard. An appropriate textured material is automatically applied to it along with the default height update. You can of course change or edit this material.


Custom storey names

You can now tag a Storey with a custom tag, say Ground Floor, First Floor or Basement. Double click on the default Storey name and type in the required custom name.



Extract elevation drawings for your model. Orthographic elevation views are fully annotated with Levels and their heights. Click on the Front View button and the orthographic projection button to go to the Front elevation. Click the Front View button again to go to Rear elevation. Similarly click once and twice on the Side View button to go to Left and Right Elevations, respectively.  


What we improved

Revit export

Flooring and floor slab do not overlap. Flooring thickness updated in the Snaptrude model is exported correctly. Walls, slabs and flooring of the same thickness and properties in Snaptrude are exported as Walls and Floors of the same family in Revit. Slab thickness, wall heights and wall thickness updated on Snaptrude using Move face are generated without conflict. Copied edited slabs and copied flipped walls with doors and windows are generated correctly. Positions of staircases, plinth slab for buildings with basements and rotated slabs are fixed.

Floor plans are automatically created for every Storey on export, so you don’t need to manually create them.

Some doors and windows which were not being exported previously are fixed. This includes some Swing 2 and 3 shutter doors, Folding 2 and 4 shutter doors, rolling shutters and fixed windows. Updated properties of a door or window are reflected in only that specific door or window’s Type property in the export.


Auto Dimensions

Make your plan approval ready faster. With the updated auto dimensions, each room gets 2 sets of dimensions: the internal dimensions of the rooms, and the distances of all fenestration elements from wall edges and from each other. These dimensions are more neatly aligned than before and dimension values are always parallel to the dimension line. Auto dimensions are similar to annotative dimensions in AutoCad. The text always remains the same height to be readable, and are turned off when the plan is zoomed out beyond a certain level.



BoQ can now be calculated for specific parts of a project also, not just the entire project. For example, if you are working on a renovation or extension project, you can extract the Bill of Quantities for just the new built portion. Simply select the parts of the model you want the BoQ for and click on the Material Schedule button. It is generated accordingly.


Creating a new project

The Create project popup is updated. Projects can be named during project creation. Unnamed projects are tagged as “Untitled project”, instead of the previous “User’s cool project”.



Drawing and editing

  • Drawing not being auto-completed when there is a slab below the room being drawn.
  • Some user added vertices disappear on editing an object.

Create Building

  • For small dimensioned angled walls.

Auto Interiors

  • Automatic placement of furniture based on actual room Labels, instead of room Types, i.e., you can tag rooms as Master Bedroom, Wet Kitchen and Family Living and be able to generate auto interiors for them.

Views and Shadows

  • Saved views are updated with any new materials and components by clicking on them.
  • Exporting views also updates all the selected views before exporting.
  • View quality for higher resolution exports.
  • Shadows are displayed correctly on drawn flipped masses.
  • Shadows now appear correctly for basements and any other spaces below the ground plane.  


  • Issues in projects with topography.
  • Saving issue after undo on large operations.