Release 0.1.5 / 16-06-2021


AutoCad import

  • Appearance of AutoCad drawing on storeys other than the one it was imported on, regardless of if it’s hidden.
  • AutoCad layer appearing post deletion, in the wrong position.
  • Position of AutoCad drawing in Copied/ Saved As projects.
  • Visibility of AutoCad drawing on hidden storeys.
  • Delete button for each AutoCad drawing on each storey being independent of each other. 
  • Removed the Delete button for Image Layers.
  • Deletion of AutoCad layers misbehaving when image or terrain is imported in the project.

Create Building

  • Slab location for Pool and Waterbody masses.
  • Removed slab under Footpath and Road in BIM mode.
  • Material loss in older projects for Footpath and Pool room types.
  • Flooring overlap with walls.


  • Wall heights are linked to slab thickness for vertically edited walls.


  • Built up area miscalculation in some cases.
  • Site area updation on editing Site masses and on drawing multiple Sites.


  • View texture disappearance on activating a saved view.


  • Fixes for .fbx export.