Release 0.3.1 / 23-09-2021

What we improved

Project load time

The load time for new projects as well as exiting projects is improved. We’ve optimised scene loading for projects containing large topography, furniture and other heavy objects.


Snaptrude has an extensive library of materials and parametric components. We’ve added tooltips to all library objects to make it easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

We’ve also added a tooltip to the project name. This is particularly useful for projects with longer names.


We’ve built in an instructor for all tools. Hovering for 2 seconds on any tool triggers an instructor on the bottom left corner that shows you how a tool works. It also contains some tips to help speed up your workflow.

Profile information

It is now possible to update the user name and phone number (including country code) from your profile page.




  • Draw tab is always open by default.
  • Fixed the Shadow settings dropdown.
  • On canvas object dimension display when a toolbar is open.
  • Functionality for Save As and Rename under the project name.

Project crashes

  • Crashes caused by Create Building.
  • Crashes caused by opening the BoQ tab.
  • On trying to Edit Structure for multiple objects of similar type.
  • On turning On shadows when Auto Interiors is also turned On.
  • Undo on deleting an uploaded Autocad file.


  • Reset password workflow is fixed.
  • Cannot open a project by typing in any random key.


  • Dimension snap toggle functionality.
  • Drawing in 3D.
  • Using the Tab key while drawing to enter angle input.
  • Issues with deleting room labels while typing.
  • Fixed issues with Create Drawing.
  • Masses appearing white after flipping and turning On Auto interiors.


  • Position camera not being functional in 3D.
  • Wireframe appearance of orthographic 3D views when Area tab is opened. 
  • Opening views which were saved with sun path diagram turned On.
  • Some masses being hidden when a view is saved in 2D.

BIM and properties

  • Create Building for Waterbody and Pool spaces.
  • Ability to change slab overhang after updating its thickness.
  • Rotation of walls with doors messing up the geometry of the door.


  • Default Site area set as 0.


  • Import of SketchUp files.


  • Default transparency of glass materials.
  • BoQ is being updated on material application.
  • Material application on walls with voids.


  • Disallowed material application on topography.
  • Disallowed object properties for topography.
  • Enabled decimal values for setting the scale of an image.
  • Uploading images on storeys with double digits.
  • Disabled uploading images to Storey “0”.
  • Image layer being deleted when Cad layer is deleted.


  • Issues with the order of Undo.
  • Undo after replicating basements.
  • Undo for Construction Project Settings.


  • Hiding storeys or layers on other storeys, when on a different storey.
  • Hidden storeys being visible when view is changed.
  • Image display when topography is also uploaded.
  • UI fix for hiding image, Cad and topography layers.
  • Hidden images being visible in 3D.