Release 0.4.0 / 19-11-2021

What’s new

Multi-user collaboration

Multi-user collaboration is here! As a web-based design tool, Snaptrude enables you to work synchronously with your teammates on one model. Powerful, real-time model updates of everyone's changes and live comments allows for faster design feedback, and ensures that everyone is on the same page. 

Permission control

You can invite your teammates to any project and control the level of access each member should have. You can set view or edit permissions for each member individually. You can also easily invite your team using the copy link button. Change the restriction to “Anyone with link” to easily share models with clients or third parties. By default, invitees are granted “View only” access, unless you choose to grant them edit access.

Once invited, your team will be able to collaborate with you on your design. Each team member will be able to navigate through the model independently. Those with edit access can make changes, which will be reflected on your screen in real-time. You may want to detail a floor plan, while another team member could be working on the facade of the same model, while the project lead may want to review the latest area program. Snaptrude's model-based collaboration system ensures that multiple stakeholders can actually work together, no synchronization or file merge is required.


Brainstorm mode

To supercharge your workflow, switch on the Brainstorm mode. The Brainstorm mode button, in the Collaborate tab, broadcasts your Snaptrude screen to your team. Team members can turn on Brainstorm mode from their systems and follow your camera as you orbit around your model, or switch between plans or 3D views. 

Design reviews have never been easier! Whether you need to test ideas together, or analyse project requirements with consultants, you can streamline your design process with a click. Make faster decisions with everyone on the same screen. And of course, all team members with Edit access will be able to make changes, which will immediately be reflected across all screens.

Comment tags on canvas

You can leave comments on various parts of the model to let your team know of any specific changes you’ve made. A client-facing project manager can markup a model based on client discussions-almost like an MoM- that the team can act on immediately! 

You can create comments in any plan or 3D view. Click on the Comment button in the Collaborate tab. Click on an object on canvas, to place a comment at that location. Comments are synchronously updated to all those who have Edit or View access of the model, so that no time is wasted between commenting and model updation.

Comments tags are visible on plans as well as 3D views. You can view all comments in a project by clicking on the Collaborate tab. All comments are listed here, grouped by the view they were created in. You can also see who made each comment, and if someone has replied to a comment. Additionally, you will also be able to review comments by simply clicking on the tag, on the canvas. Click on a comment to navigate to it on the canvas. 

Once you make the necessary changes, you can reply to, or resolve a comment. Use comments with Brainstorm mode to expedite your decision making.



You can draw circular rooms, columns, slabs and other masses. Use the Draw Circle tool. Click on the canvas to place the centre, and click again to set the radius. You can also numerically enter the exact radius value, or change it in Object Properties. As with regular, the circular mass is automatically assigned as Room or Column based on its size. This can be changed in Object Properties as well.

Tab selection

To make it easier to select and edit objects, we’ve added the Tab selection capability. While selecting an object, use the Tab key to toggle between various selection options (and the Shift + Tab keys to go back an option). This allows you to switch between an edge, vertex or face that are very close to each other. It also allows you to select between objects that either overlap or are very close to each other.

We’ve also changed the selection indicators to also highlight the face/ object being selected. This is particularly useful when you want to pick an object from a vertex or edge that is shared by multiple objects.

Free Edits

All restrictions on vertical movement and editing of spaces, slabs, walls, etc has been removed. You can now easily create mezzanines by moving rooms up and down. You can also increase or decrease room heights using the Push-Pull tool in 3D.

Exports: PDF and trude

All floor plans can be exported to PDF, with appropriate line thicknesses and hatches. Exported plans contain all the structural composition details of walls, and correct annotations for doors, windows and even furniture.

It is also now possible to export in Snaptrude’s proprietary file format (.trude).

What we improved

Create Building improvements for deck, waterbody

Flooring extends to the edge of the slab when there is no wall. Material of the created flooring is the same as the default deck material.

The water mass of waterbody spaces are tagged as masses, and retain the water texture.

Edit Length

Possible to pick the direction in which the edge length should be increased. Click on an edge using the Edit Length tool. After selecting the edge, use the Tab key to switch directions.


It is now possible to enter a lower number of copies, and the array will update. Enabled copying of an object from its face.

Object edge width changes on 3D view

Visual quality of objects in 3D has been improved. Thicker line weights for Spaces, Walls, Slabs, Columns, Beams, etc, makes your model look sleek in 3D views.


We’ve enabled more flexibility in imports. Now you can cancel CAD and image import mid-way by clicking on the Cross button. Once imported, you can delete the CAD or image file and upload another. This can be done by selecting the CAD or image on the canvas and Pressing Delete, or by going to the Layers menu and deleting the Layer. It’s also possible to rotate CAD and image files once imported. UI disappearance issues on pressing Escape during Set Scale have been resolved.

Additionally, topography location once imported, is saved, so the sunpath diagram is always displayed correctly.

Object labels

We’ve added an object label to all objects in object properties to make it easier to identify objects in custom BoQs. Each Wall or Slab is individually tagged as Wall-001, Wall-002, etc. The default label can be overridden by typing in a custom label.

Eyedropper tool

The Eyedropper tool has been refined based on the material selected with it. If the material clicked with the Eyedropper is present in the library, it activates the material for application,. If you click on a material that belongs to an imported object (furniture or fenestration), then the Eyedropper tool opens the Edit Material dialogue.

Product Help

We’ve created a new product tour for new sign ups, added a chat interface to the help section, and new video tutorials with more player controls.



  • Tooltip for a newly imported door, window and furniture.
  • Toggle On and Off state UI.
  • Tooltips for tools in Edit Structure.
  • Help icon updated.
  • Added All Projects button on dashboard to navigate back to projects from Account or Billing pages.
  • Messaging for BoQ when Create Building has not yet been done on the project.

Drawing and Editing

  • Drawing a room on a newly created storey.
  • Drawing on an XZ plane in 3D always creates rooms.
  • Non addition of edges when needed during move edge and edit length.
  • Difficulty in moving objects while snapping to an axis.
  • Drawing angle becoming NaN.
  • Copy/Array behaviour when one of the values is erased.
  • Copy/Array not being saved under various circumstances.
  • Inability to Copy/Array some drawn masses.
  • Copying of drawn masses on mass not being saved.
  • Drawn masses disappearing after Copy/Array.
  • Objects moving in the wrong direction, or disappearing entirely on Copy/Array.
  • Numerical input while copying objects as unique.
  • Edit Length on flipped copied rooms.


  • Terrain map appearing squished.

Doors and windows

  • Moving and copying doors and windows along the axes.
  • Copying doors and windows as unique.


  • Aspect ratio of materials in thumbnails is as per the actual texture.


  • Default country on sign up based on actual location (IP).
  • Default country on profile based on sign up details.

Object Properties

  • Object properties for large masses.
  • Edit Structure for multi-object selection.
  • Edit Structure in feet-inches.
  • Project crash on opening Edit Structure when multiple objects are selected.

Revit Export

  • Slabs for more complex footprints.
  • The thickness of flooring under door openings.
  • Issues with exporting larger, more complex projects.
  • Rotated slabs and flooring.

View Export

  • View exports are faster.
  • View thumbnails get updated correctly.