Release 0.3.0 / 13-09-2021

What’s new

UI revamp

Snaptrude has a new look! The UI has been completely revamped based on feedback from our users. It is now much easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. It is structured, and of course, looks nicer too! :) The UI is divided into:

  • The top toolbar- this is where all the actionable tools are, i.e.Draw, edits, upload, saving views. Tools have been grouped together based on functionality. 
      • Clicking on the Snaptrude icon takes you to the projects page
      • Clicking on the Project name allows you to rename, save a duplicate of the project, export and create a new project.
      • The Draw tab contains all drawing and editing tools including Move, Copy, Rotate, Flip, Edit Length, Add/Remove Vertex, Draw Void and Split Face. 
      • Import: Upload Image, Upload Cad and Load Topography
      • Measure: Set scale, Measure Length, Measure Angle
      • Views: Position Camera, Save Scene, Front view, Top view, Rear view, Left view, Right view, Shadows On/Off, Sunpath On/Off, View settings (Shaded, Textured, Monochrome, Hidden line, Orthographic)
      • Automate: Create Drawing, Create Building, Auto Interiors, Auto Dimensions
      • The Recent tab contains the 5 most recently used tools for quick access
  • Top Right tab contains all the data about your project, including
      • Area calculations
      • BoQ
      • Comments from collaborators
      • Saved views
      • You can also export the model, areas, BoQ, views or share the model with collaborators using the export/share button
  • Right panel contains all the libraries and related functionality, like importing and editing materials. Object Properties is also displayed here contextually depending on the type of object selected.
  • Left panel: Storeys are much more accessible, as a separate section. 
      • Clicking on a storey takes you to the storey plan.
      • Double-clicking on a storey allows renaming the storey.
      • Hovering on a storey allows you to change storey height, hide it or select all the rooms/ objects on it
      • Adding and duplicating storeys is contextual, using the Add new storey tool. If objects are selected on canvas, the Add new storey tool allows you to duplicate it across storeys. If nothing is selected, it creates blank storeys. You can also change the toggle in the Add new storey dropdown to choose between creating blank or duplicate storeys.
  • The bar at the bottom is for seeking help and navigation. It includes
      • Help, Chat with customer support, disabling tooltips and list of shortcuts
      • Undo, Redo
      • Project properties
      • Hide, show, hide slab, isolate
      • Pan, orbit, zoom in, zoom out, zoom extents
      • Delete
      • 2D-3D navigation

Projects dashboard revamp

The project’s dashboard has been reorganised. There’s a single project creation button. Help resources and sample projects are clearly organised on the left tab. Clicking on your name enables you to access your profile information, including billing, invoices and team members.

AutoCAD and PDF exports

You can now create AutoCAD floor plans directly from your Snaptrude model! Simply click on Export, choose AutoCAD (.dwg). All the storey plans are exported into individual AutoCAD drawings. Drawings are layered as per object type and ready to go for the next step in your design workflow.

Similarly, you can export all your floor plans into a PDF format as well. The PDFs are presentation ready floor plans, complete with line weights, wall hatches and clean 2D furniture representations.

Exports may take some time, depending on the size of the project. Once the export is ready, it will be emailed to you.


What we improved

Editing material, duplicating material and picking from scene

Editing and duplicating material are much more straightforward. To edit a material, select it and click on the Edit tool. Similarly, to duplicate a material, select the material and click on the duplicate tool. The duplicated material is created in the library. You can now select the duplicate material and edit its properties.

Picking a material from the model is also simplified with the new Eyedropper tool. Simply click on the Eyedropper and click on any material on the scene you want to edit.


FSI calculations

The auto-calculated FSI is now colour coded orange or green depending on whether you are under or over the permissible FSI.


UX for imports

We’ve added loaders for uploading images and AutoCad files.

You can now also bulk import up to 10 materials, doors or windows at once.


Working without a mouse

New buttons for Pan, Orbit and Zoom allow you to work on Snaptrude without the use of a mouse with a scroller.