Using Edit Length in 2D
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Editing Spaces in Snaptrude is parametric. Since adjoining rooms share walls, rooms are parametrically linked to their neighbours. Editing an edge will simultaneously increase the width of one room and reduce the width of the neighbouring room. Similarly, moving a vertex will change the shape of all the rooms that share the corner.

How to use the Edit tool

Click on the Edit tool (P) to edit a room's shape and size.

Click on an edge or vertex that you want to move. A yellow highlight along the circumference of the mass shows that the edge or vertex is selected to be edited.

Move the mouse to start moving the object. Coloured extension lines are shown when the movement is parallel to an axis or an edge.

Click again to place the edge or vertex in a new location or enter a numerical distance for the move. You can place the edge or vertex accurately by snapping to an edge or vertex of another object.

Editing copied/duplicated rooms

Edits on rooms neighbouring copied rooms (say corridors in a hotel or apartment floor plate) now reflect the edits on all the copies. This means multiple changes to one space can be achieved by changing just one unit. To help you keep track of all simultaneous changes, all copies of the room being edited are highlighted in green.

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