Creating Beams
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Draw & edit Beams

  1. Access Draw Tool: Click on the "Draw Tool (L)" or “Arch (A)” from the Design Tab, then select "Beam" from the options on the right side of your Snaptrude workspace. Note: Ensure you are on the respective storey where you wish to create the beams.

  2. Specify Beam Dimensions: Under "Beam Parameters" in the toolbar, specify the beam dimensions you want to draw. You can adjust these dimensions even after drawing the beam.

  3. Draw Beam: Similar to drawing walls, click on the starting point of the beam and drag your mouse to the ending point. Once finished, press Enter to finish the modelling.

  4. Edit Beam Profile: After drawing the beam, you can modify its parameters from the object properties, which activate upon selecting the beam. Alternatively, you can use the Edit Tool (Shortcut “P”) from the design toolbar to adjust its profile.

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