Create Columns
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Draw & Edit Columns

  1. Access Draw Tool: Click on the "Line", ”Arc” or the “Circle” tool located in the design tab. A toolbar will appear on the right side of your screen, presenting various object types available in Snaptrude.

  2. Select Column: Choose "Column" from the options on the right side of your Snaptrude workspace.

  3. Draw Column Profile: Draw the column profile by following the dimensions displayed on the screen or entering the numerical size values.

  4. Edit Column Properties: After drawing the column, access its properties from the Object Properties Toolbar on the right side. Here, you can modify the column's Label, Length, Width, and Height.

  5. View Additional Data: You can also view additional data such as Storey Level, Surface Area, and Volume of the column.

  6. Use the Push/pull tool (Shortcut “P”) to make any further edits to the column geometry.

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