Creating Ceiling & Floor
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Draw a Ceiling/Floor

The process of drawing a ceiling and a floor is identical.

  1. Access Draw Tool: Click on the "Draw Tool (L)" from the Design Tab, then choose "Ceiling" or "Floor" from the options on the right side of your Snaptrude workspace.

  2. Draw Profile: Once selected, start drawing the profile of your ceiling or floor by clicking and dragging the mouse. Define the shape and size according to your project requirements.

  3. Modify Properties: After drawing the profile, you can modify and view the properties of the ceiling or floor. Select the ceiling or floor object and the Object Properties toolbar will be activated on the right-hand side. Here, you can edit properties such as Label, Thickness, and Height.

  4. Edit Construction Layers: You can also use the Construction tab to edit the layers of the ceiling or floor. Like slabs, you can customize layers by adjusting thickness, adding new layers, or deleting existing ones.

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