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Generic Mass - Pergola, Facade & In-Place Furniture
Generic Mass - Pergola, Facade & In-Place Furniture
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Drawing Masses on Snaptrude

In addition to the various elements discussed in the previous sections, you can also create other generic elements such as pergola, or design a facade using masses on Snaptrude.

There are 4 types of Masses available:

(a) Facade Element. These include sunshades, projections, or any element that enhances a building’s facades.

(b) Furniture. You can use the Masses option on Snaptrude to create custom furniture pieces that fit your design.

(c) Pergola. Masses can also be used to develop Pergolas, helping you play with sun and shade in your design.

(d) Generic. Generic masses are further elements that don’t fit into any of the mentioned categories. You can create separate labels for these masses.

To draw these masses, click the Draw Tool (L) or the Arc tool (A) from the Design Tab and choose Mass from the Object Type category from the right side toolbar. Click on masses, and from here you can choose the mass type to one of the above options.

You can then use the Edit or Push Pull Tool (P), to edit these masses based on your design.

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