Setting and Saving Views
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In Snaptrude, you can capture snapshots of your model by customizing your model views, which can be later utilized for presentations or other purposes. You can adjust the camera position to achieve the desired view, save these scenes within the model, and easily access them for viewing. Additionally, you can download these snapshots in formats such as .jpeg, .png, or .jpg directly onto your systems.

Set Camera Position & Save the Scene

To set the camera position and save a scene in your Snaptrude project:

  1. Navigate to 2D View: Access the 2D view of your project.

  2. Position the Camera: Click on the "Views" tab and select "Position Camera".

  3. Set Camera Position: Click on the desired location where you want your camera to be positioned. Then, move your mouse in the direction you want to look towards. Click once you've specified the direction.

  4. Orbit to View: Snaptrude will automatically orbit to the view you've just set.

  5. Save the Scene: Proceed to save this scene by opening the view tab, clicking on “Save Scene” next to “Position Camera”.

Viewing a Saved Scene

  1. View Saved Scenes: After saving, your scene will appear on the right-side toolbar when you click the "Views" button from the top right corner of your screen.

  2. Open Saved View: Click on the thumbnail of a saved view in the Views tab to open that view on the canvas

Exporting Saved Views

  1. Access Export Option: Open the drop-down menu from the project name & click on "Export Views" from the menu.

  2. Adjust Export Settings: In the open window, choose the resolution and format for the exported images.

  3. Select Views: Select the specific snapshots you want to export using “ctrl” from your keyboard or choose "Select All" to export all saved views together.

  4. Initiate Export: Click the "Export" button to begin the export process.

  5. Download Images: Once exported, the views will be compressed into a zip folder, which will be downloaded to your system. You can view these saved images directly from your desktop or share it with other stakeholders.

Other View Settings:

  1. In the View Tab, there are specific buttons for navigating to the Top, Front, and Side views of your model.

  2. Orthographic Views

    To view your model orthographically, click the “Settings” button from the view tab and choose Orthographic.

  3. Shaded and textured view styles

    You can now choose between textured, monochrome, and hidden line views to change the visual appearance of your Snaptrude project based on your presentation style.

Note: Any of the views you create using the above options can be saved using “Save Scene” tool & can be exported as well.

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