Snaptrude Dashboard
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Snaptrude Dashboard

Snaptrude Dashboard, or the homepage, is where all the teams and projects you have access to and have worked on will be available. The dashboard has Personal Workspace and Teams sections to help categorise and manage your projects easily.

Personal Workspace :

This is your workspace where all the projects you have created are stored. Under this, you will find “Templates” & “Shared with me”.

The right section of the dashboard contains all the projects you have worked on so far, with the details on when the project was last updated, along with the date & time stamp.

You can choose the "Sort By" option to sort the projects of your choice, either “Alphabetical", "Date created", or "Last modified".

You can also use the search bar to find a particular project by its name.

You can choose to "Open", "Rename", "Delete" and even “Duplicate” the projects by clicking on the tree dots bottom right corner of the project’s thumbnail.

Create a project:

First, go to the respective team and/or folder where you wish to start a project. Then click on “New Project” on the top right of the Snaptrude Dashboard.

A window will open where you can fill in the project's name. Then, choose the project unit and click on Create.

Note: The project units can later be changed from the settings within the project as well.


Snaptrude allows designers to create, save, and utilize templates to standardize and streamline their project creation process. This ultimately saves time and ensures consistency across designs. If you frequently use a particular project, you may save the entire project as a template for future use. There are two methods to create a Template.

Method 1:

  1. Open the Templates tab from your workspace or the respective team

  2. Click on “New template” button

  3. A window will open. Enter the name of the template & Select the units for it.

  4. Finally click on “Create” to create the template.

Method 2:

  1. Open a project that you wish to Save as a Template.

  2. Once the project opens, click on the name of the project, a dropdown will open

  3. Select “Save as Template” from the dropdown.

  4. Enter the template name and finally click on “Save”.

Once the template is created, you have two options to initiate a project from it:

  1. Direct Creation: Click on the template name to create a new project based on that template. This straightforward approach immediately starts a new project using the template's predefined settings and elements.

  2. Dropdown Menu Options: Alternatively, you can use the dropdown arrow beside the template name to access a menu of options. From this menu, you can create a project, edit the template, rename it, duplicate it, or delete it. This gives you additional flexibility and control over the template's management and usage.

Whether you opt for the direct creation method or the dropdown menu, both approaches enable you to leverage the template effectively in initiating new projects.

“Shared with me”:

Clicking on the "Shared with me" button will display all the projects that others shared with you. You can open these projects to view or edit them depending on the permission level.

Folders & Sub-folders creation:

Creating folders in Snaptrude can help you efficiently organize your projects, templates, and other files. Here's how you can do it:

  1. First, navigate to the Workspace/Team where you wish to create a folder

  2. Click on the “New Folder” button on the top right corner of your screen

  3. A default “Untitled” folder is created. Enter the new name of the folder there.

  4. To “Rename” or “Delete” the folder, click on the three dots beside the project name & click on the required option.

  5. To create a subfolder, open the respective folder in which you wish to create a subfolder and follow the same steps as above. This way, you can create as many folders as you wish on your workspace or teamspace.

Create your team :

"Team" is a shared workspace where you can invite and work with multiple stakeholders as part of these shared workspaces. You can create unlimited teams and unlimited projects under any specific team.

Each Team will have its own set of projects, folder structure, central library, and team permission preferences.

To add a team, click on the “+” next to “Teams” on the dashboard. A window will open. Assign a distinct name to each team as required. Then, invite stakeholders by simply adding their email IDs. Subsequently, these team members will receive an email notification inviting them to join the team.

All the projects created under a specific team will be accessible to all the project stakeholders. You can add or remove teammates at any time. To know more about how teams work go to “Collaboration & Project Review”.

Learning Resources

Under Learning Resources, there are four tabs you can navigate to.

  1. Tutorial:

    1. Videos - The latest Snaptrude Tutorials are available under this tab.

    2. Projects - Tutorial projects are a way for users to get familiarised with Snaptrude on a step by step basis.

  2. Help - Browse through help articles and tutorial articles.

  3. Book A Demo - If you have further issues you cannot solve, you can use this option to book a demo with Snaptrude and solve all your questions and problems.

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