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Import Topography & Set Project Datum
Import Topography & Set Project Datum
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Importing Site Topography

On Snaptrude, you can import a topography of your site by entering the site address or the latitude and longitude coordinates of the site. You can access real-world elevation studies, neighbourhood buildings, road connectivity and more.

  1. To add topography to your model, click on the “Import” button from the top toolbar, a window will open, click on the “Load Topograghy” option. A dialog box with a map will then appear.

  2. Enter the coordinates or the address of the site you would like to import.

  3. Zoom in or out to accurately choose the area you want to import. Any area inside the black box will be imported into Snaptrude.

  4. If you wish to import the elevations, surrounding buildings or view it in the Satellite mode, check the respective boxes. Then click on “Import Topography”

  5. Snaptrude will then import the topography of the specified region.

  6. You can also modify or delete the building masses imported with the topography. Use the "Edit" or "Push Pull" , “Rotate”, etc tools to adjust these buildings, similar to how you would edit a standard Snaptrude mass.

7. To hide or remove the topography and/or building masses, click on the "Imported Files" icon located on the right side panel. Select "Topography" and proceed with the necessary actions.

Setting project Datum

Once the topography has been imported, you can use “Set Datum” from the Measure tab to pick the exact vertical position on the topography where you want to place your building. Storey 1 will be placed at this height.

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