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Central Library Creation (Pt.3) - Updating Central Library Using .CSV
Central Library Creation (Pt.3) - Updating Central Library Using .CSV
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In the previous sections, we looked at uploading materials, doors, windows & furniture in the central library. In this tutorial, we will look at how to update the parameters of these using only a .csv file of the same. For instance, here is a step-by-step process of how to update the material’s library:

  1. Update Parameters via >CSV:

    • Open the respective library of materials, Doors, Windows, or furniture you wish to update via CSV.

    • Then, click on "Upload CSV" to initiate the process.

    • A window will appear with an option to download a sample CSV file.

    • Download the CSV file containing columns corresponding to the central library properties.

  2. Modify Properties in CSV:

    • Open the downloaded CSV file and modify any of the properties.

    • Save the CSV file once the modifications are complete.

  3. Update in Central Library:

    • Go to the materials tab in the team's central library.

    • Drag and drop the modified CSV file, or browse and upload it from your system.

    • Click "Upload CSV" to apply the changes to the central library.

  4. Repeat for Doors, Windows, and Furniture:

    • Repeat the same process for doors, windows, and furniture as needed.

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