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Adding, Viewing, & Exporting Comments in a Project
Adding, Viewing, & Exporting Comments in a Project
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Introducing Comments.

Collaborate with your stakeholders and receive real-time feedback on your project! Share your model with others, and they can then add comments on the model, from a desktop, tablet or even a phone. Let’s look at how to add a comment on a model.

  1. Access Collaborate Tab: Click on the Collaborate tab in the Design Authoring toolbar at the top of the screen.

  2. Add Comment: Select the "Add Comment" button. Click on the model element where you want to provide feedback, type your comment, and press Enter.

  3. Tag Members & Attachments (Option): Tag project members and attach files to the comment. Tagged members will receive an email notification with a link to view the comment.

  4. Reply & Resolve: Reply to teammate comments by clicking "Reply". When the discussion is resolved, click "Resolve" in the comment window.

  5. View All Comments: Click on the Comments icon in the top right corner to view all comments. Open and resolved comments are categorized for easy access.

  6. Edit or Delete Comments: Make edits or delete comments by clicking the three dots next to each comment.

  7. Sort, Filter & Search comments from the tab to look for or view specific comments.

  8. Export Comment History: To export all comments, click on the project name and select "Export Comment History" from the dropdown menu. Download the .csv file containing all project comments.

Note: Edit permissions for the above tasks for each team member from the “Preferences” tab of your team.

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