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Introducing the Section Tool in Snaptrude

With the latest addition to Snaptrude, creating vertical sections through your models is now effortless, requiring just a single click. The Section Tool is designed to seamlessly operate in 2D and 3D views, granting you the necessary flexibility. Moreover, it empowers you with various functionalities, including moving, rotating, and flipping sections, ensuring precise control over your model's sectional view. Each section you create is conveniently saved under the views tab, simplifying access and extracting sectional views from your model.

Placing Sections

  1. Selecting the Section Tool: Access the Section Tool from the views tab in the top menu bar.

  2. Placing in 2D:

    • In 2D view, the section auto-orientates to parallel the closest wall, making placement effortless.

  3. Placing in 3D:

    • In 3D view, the section is placed by auto-orienting the plane to the closest object plane, ensuring precise positioning.

  4. Once the section is made, double-click on it to flip the view of the section.

Viewing and Managing Sections

  • Automatic 2D Views: Upon placement, section planes generate 2D orthogonal views automatically, offering detailed sectional views.

  • Interactive Views Tab: Each section plane is associated with a dedicated view tab, allowing easy navigation, renaming, deletion, and modification.

Editing Section Planes

  • Move: Easily relocate section planes by snapping onto corners and dragging them in the desired direction.

  • Rotate: Rotate section planes by snapping onto bottom corners, with rotation locked along the XY plane.

  • Flip: Quickly reverse section planes using the Flip tool or a simple double-click.

  • Delete: Remove sections either using the delete button or the keyboard shortcut.

  • Show / Hide: Toggle between section view and default view with ease.

  • Lock / Unlock: Preserve section placement by locking it to prevent unintentional edits.

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