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File related operations

In this section, you can perform operations such as "Rename", "Save as", "Export the model/data", and various other exports. Click on the drop-down arrow and choose the action you want to perform.

Design Authoring Tools

  1. Draw tools: You can use this set of tools to draw Lines, Circles, Move, Copy/Array and anything you require in your design.

  2. Import Tools: Import a CAD file, PDF, Images, Topographies and even 3D files from other software.

  3. Measure tools: Measure between 2 objects or lines or any dimension you need to measure.

  4. Views: Create and view new 3D, Elevations and plan views, perform shadow analysis, modify views-related settings like Textured visuals, hidden lines, orthographic/perspective views, etc.

  5. Automate: Create a building and use the automation tools to speed up your modelling journey. Using our patented create building tool, convert your massing study into a detailed BIM model in a few seconds.

  6. Collaborate: Use the collaboration tools to collaborate with your teammates or other project stakeholders, leave comments, and use the brainstorm mode to convey design changes instantaneously and intend to the project's stakeholders.

  7. Recent: Access your recent action or command under this tab.

Data and Collaboration Tools

  1. Area: You can click on the area button to generate the entire Area Schedule, which will give you the FSI/FAR, detailed split up of the carpet and built-up area distributed across every space and every floor.

  2. BOQ: Clicking on the BOQ will generate an automated Bill of quantities for your entire project, or you can also select a specific floor or component and generate BOQ only for those. This can later be exported as a .csv if needed.

  3. Costing: Under the costing tab, you can generate instantaneous live cost data of your projects.

  4. Comments: Under the comments tab, it will show the comments made by different stakeholders; you can also view all the open and resolved comments separately in this section.

  5. Views: Under the view icon tab, you can create and access all the views that you have made.

  6. Share: Clicking on the share button will allow you to share the model with other stakeholders, and here, you can set up their permission by selecting either viewer or editor.

Material and Model Management

Here you can create, modify and access object Properties, personal materials & furniture libraries, doors & windows, staircases and any other files or models imported into Snaptrude.

Switching between 2D and 3D

If you want to go to your 3D view, click on the 2D<> 3D toggle icon at the bottom right corner of your screen or use the shortcut " Shift + >"

To go back to your 2D view, click on the 2D<> 3D toggle icon again at the bottom right corner of your screen or use the shortcut "Shift + >"

Navigation Tools

Let's now understand how to navigate and move through your models. This tool bar holds all the tools that will help you easily navigate and model on Snaptrude.

Zoom: Use the middle scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out. Scroll/push the central mouse scroll wheel front/upward to zoom in and scroll/push it behind/downwards to zoom out. If you're using a Mac, this is reversed. Pushing in front will zoom out, and pushing it behind will zoom in. Alternatively, you can also click on the zoom icon in the navigation toolbar.

Pan: If you want to Pan in either in your 2D or 3D view, click and hold the right-click mouse button and move in the direction you want to pan. Alternatively you could also click on the pan icon available in your navigation toolbar.

Orbit: To orbit either in your 2D or 3D view, click and hold on the middle mouse scroll wheel and move the mouse to orbit around the direction of your choice.

Delete: Use the delete button on the bottom toolbar or your keyboard's DEL button to delete an object. Mac users, use "Fn + Delete".

Visibility: The Show, hide/unhide and Isolate options in the navigation bar will help you with the options to have better visibility control while you are working on your design.

Project Settings: Under project settings, you can modify/control your project units, tolerances, snaps, grids and constraints.

Lock/Unlock: Using this option, you can select a particular object or a group of objects and lock them so others don't have access to edit or modify them while it's closed. When your design changes are done, you can click on the unlock button for others to edit or modify those objects. This is very helpful when multiple designers are editing the same model.

Undo and Redo: Help rectify mistakes while working on your 3D model. You can use "Ctrl+Z" for undo and "Ctrl+Y" for redo. Mac users use "Cmd + Z" & "Cmd + Y", respectively.

Help Chat & Instructor: Using this tool, you can start a chat with anyone at the Snaptrude customer support team and convey any doubts you may have. A customer support representative will reply to you within a few hours.


On the left side of your Snaptrude screen, you can create a new storey to add levels or basements to your projects.

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