Saving A Project
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Saving a project

Here’s how you can save a project on Snaptrude.

Snaptrude is built on "AutoSave" technology, which means you never lose your work again, as every action you do will get automatically saved. All you need to do is remain connected to the internet while you work. If you face internet issues while working, a message will prompt you to verify your connection.

Don't worry, your work will be saved as soon as the connection is re-established, as long as the project remains open. Snaptrude doesn't need a high-speed internet connection; it can work quite well on even low bandwidths. In case of a temporary internet disturbance, you can always connect to your mobile hotspot and continue working on the projects.

Note: When there is a temporary internet inaccessibility or issue with your internet connection, ensure that you don't close the browser or the tab where the Snaptrude project is open; this will ensure all your works are correctly saved once the internet access is back. Keeping the project tab open is crucial to avoid any potential loss of your work.

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