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Measure Distance & Angles in 2D and 3D
Measure Distance & Angles in 2D and 3D
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Measure Between Two Points in 2D

  1. Go to the "Measure" tab from the top toolbar.

  2. Choose the Measuring Tape Tool (T), click on the first point you want to measure from, move the mouse over to the second point you want to measure and end by clicking once at the second point.

  3. Upon clicking, you will find an accurate measurement of the distance between these two points.

The steps to measure in 3D are exactly the same.

Angle Measure Tool

  1. The Angle Measure Tool is used to measure the angles between two edges or surfaces.

  2. Go to the measure tab in the top toolbar and choose the "Angle Measure Tool". Now move over to the first edge; at this point, that edge would turn yellow, that is the indicator that it has been selected

  3. Similarly, move on to the second edge, and click. The angle between these two edges will be shown.

The angle measure tool works the exact same way in 3D as it does in 2D.

All the measurements made can be moved, edited, hidden, or unhidden as required. To select all measurements together click on the filter selection dropdown & check the “Dimension line” option. You can then hide, unhide or delete these together.

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