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Central library creation (Pt.2) - Uploading Door, Window & Furniture
Central library creation (Pt.2) - Uploading Door, Window & Furniture
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The process of adding Doors, Windows, and furniture to the central library is similar to uploading materials. However, users need to ensure they have the necessary file formats, such as .skp, .obj, .fbx, etc., for the Door, Window, and Furniture files to upload.

  1. Default Properties Display:

    • Upon uploading, all the default properties for Doors, Windows, and Furniture are displayed in columns.

  2. Add Furniture Component:

    • To add a furniture component to the library, click the “Upload Furniture” button.

    • A window opens. Upload the files from your computer or drag and drop them into it. Choose the relevant room category. You can also upload multiple files together.

    • Once the furniture is added, you can edit any of its properties from the displayed columns.

  3. Create New Property Parameter:

    • Click on “Add new property” to create a new parameter

    • A window will appear for you to fill in details such as the parameter name and its type

    • Type in the parameter name and select the desired type from the available options

    • Click on ‘Add property’ to include the new parameter

    • To edit the custom property, right-click on the name & you can either edit or delete it as required.

  4. Add New Room Category:

    • To add a new room category, go to the dropdown from the respective column.

    • Click on the ‘+ Add Type’ sign to create a new room category.

    • You can assign the new category to other furniture or delete it by clicking on the ‘x’. Note that before deleting any category, you must make sure no furniture is associated with it.

  5. Finally, To rename, delete, or duplicate any element, right-click on the name and select the desired action.

  6. Follow the same steps to upload Doors & Windows too.

Note that all the property parameters added to the library here will also be visible to the user while the project is being worked on. However, they can only edit these parameters from the central library here.

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