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Setting the Project Properties
Setting the Project Properties
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Before you begin modeling your Snaptrude Project, it's important to set the right units for the project you're working on.

  1. Access Project Settings: Locate the bottom toolbar and click "Project Settings."

  2. Choose Units: Select your preferred unit from the available options under the Units section. You can change these units at any time during your design process.

  3. Adjust Tolerance: Adjust the tolerance to determine the precision of your drawing dimensions. The default setting is 0.00, but you can modify it as needed.

  4. Utilize Snaps: Configure Snaps to restrict cursor movement to defined intervals using these two snap options:

    1. Dimension Snap: It ensures the user can design with precise dimensions, with a default value of 100. Adjust or disable it as per your project's requirements.

    2. Angle Snap: Similarly, angle snap aids in drawing precise angles. Adjust the angle value or disable it based on your needs.

  5. Enable Snap Options: Toggle Parallel, Orthogonal, and Normal snap options for drawing alignment. Each snap type is represented by a distinct color. You can use these snaps to perform functions such as draw, copy, move, and edit (push/pull).

  6. Activate Grids: Turn on grids on your screen for enhanced visual guidance. Adjust the grid size according to your preferences.

  7. Set Limits: Specify limits, such as the Length Constraint, to prevent rooms from collapsing. The default Length Constraint is 10mm, but you can modify it upto 1000mm here.

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