Creating new Storeys
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On Snaptrude, you can design multistorey models by utilizing Storeys. Each element's base is linked to the storey where it was initially created or added. You can easily duplicate existing storeys or create new ones from scratch.

Creating new blank storeys

To create new blank storeys in Snaptrude Click on the “+” icon in the storeys tab:

  1. Adding Storeys above: Utilize the "Add New Storey Up" button to add a storey above the topmost existing one. If you need multiple storeys, input the desired number and click "Create New Storey Above".

  2. Create Basement Storeys: To add basement storeys below, input the number of basements and click "Create New Storey Below".

Please note that these storeys will be empty. If you wish to create typical storeys, replicas of existing ones, see the section “Creating Cloned Storeys”.

Creating Cloned Storeys

To copy a particular storey in Snaptrude:

  1. Select Copy Mode: Click on the “+” icon in the storey’s tab, whether above or below, to create upper floors or basements, respectively. Change the toggle from "Blank" to "Copy".

  2. Specify Storey to Copy: In the text box next to "Storey," input the storey you want to copy.

  3. Alternatively, you can select certain objects from the Snaptrude Canvas and copy them across storeys.

  4. Determine Number of Copies: Type the number of storeys you want to create in the text box next to "Copies".

  5. Choose Copy Type: Decide whether you want the copies to be a "Clone" or "Unique" by adjusting the toggle.

  6. Execute Copy: Click "Copy Storey 1 Above" or "Copy Storey 1 Below" based on how you copy the storey.

Following these steps, you can easily create copies of a specific storey in Snaptrude.

Cloned versus unique storeys

  1. Cloned storeys are identical storeys. When a room or element on one storey is edited, it is also edited on all the other copied storeys.

  2. Unique storeys are copies that are the same when replicated, but elements can be edited independently without affecting each other.

Copying floor plans using the Copy/Array tool

You can also copy storeys using the Copy/Array tool (Shortcut “C”). Select the objects you want to copy, and use the Copy/Array tool to copy objects vertically. New storeys are automatically created where needed. (Pro-tip: Use the up-arrow key to lock the cursor's movement for easy snapping in the vertical direction).

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