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Smart Copy for Furniture
Smart Copy for Furniture
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Smart Copy

Smart copy on Snaptrude helps you copy objects more intuitively and quickly.

  1. Choose a furniture element or a group of furniture elements you want to duplicate by selecting it from the model.

  2. Once selected, observe the four control points as β€œ+” appearing on the four sides of the selection box.

  3. Click on these points in the respective direction where you wish to create the copy.

  4. To create multiple copies, hover and click on the white box beside the β€œ+” symbol to enter the number of copies you want.

  5. After entering the desired number of copies, click on the control point corresponding to the direction you want to create the array.

  6. You can repeat this process for each direction or side of the object to create arrays in multiple directions.

  7. Once the arrays are created, you can adjust their positions, sizes, or orientations as required using Snaptrude's editing tools.

Note: Smart Copy is only compatible with furniture elements.

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