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Importing, Placing and Editing Fenestration in Project Library
Importing, Placing and Editing Fenestration in Project Library
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Importing Door & Window to Project Library

  1. Open the Project in which you wish to add the components

  2. Go to the Door or Window tab (Shortcut ‘D’ & ‘W’ respectively) on the right panel.

  3. Click the "Add Door/Window" button.

  4. Select the category from the drop-down menu.

  5. Click "Select from Computer" and choose your furniture files. You can upload multiple files at once as well. (Supported file types: .skp, .obj, .fbx, .3ds)

  6. Click "Import Door/Window" to add the selected files to your library.

Note: Select the correct category when adding doors and windows in the library. These categories are crucial for creating the annotation symbols in the 2D view.

Placing and Editing Doors & Windows

Doors and windows can be placed in both 2D and 3D views. In 2D views, users have more freedom to predefine the orientation of the opening. Remember, doors or windows can only be placed on walls.

  1. Select Door or Window:

    • Open the door/window tab (Shortcut ‘D’ & ‘W’ respectively).

    • Select the desired category.

    • Scroll to find the door/window thumbnail.

    • Click on the thumbnail to select it.

  2. Place Door or Window:

    • While placing in 3D view, click on the desired location within the model.

    • While placing the door/window, you can also define the distance from the edge of the wall to precisely place them.

    • If you place the door/window in 2D, you can also define the opening orientation by hovering the mouse in that direction.

  3. Edit Dimensions (Optional):

    • To adjust the size, select the door or window and modify the height and width values from the right-hand side toolbar.

  4. Move Door or Window (Optional):

    • Select the door or window.

    • Choose the Move Tool (Shortcut ‘M’).

    • Specify the direction you want to move the door or window by tapping an arrow key on the keyboard to lock the movement’s direction.

    • Enter a numerical value for precise distance while changing the door/window location.

Note: Fenestrations added to a project library within a team will be accessible to the team members. However, if fenestrations are added to a project library in “My Workspace,” they will not be accessible to anyone except the account owner.

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