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Placing & Editing Furniture Components
Placing & Editing Furniture Components
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Placing Furniture from the project library

  1. Access the furniture library (Shortcut ‘F’) in your project.

  2. Browse through the relevant category or use the search bar to find the desired furniture.

  3. Click on the furniture thumbnail from the list

  4. You can also choose to host the furniture specifically on floors & walls by selecting from the “Snap to” dropdown

  5. Once selected, place the furniture in the model.

  6. To quickly rotate the furniture, use the ‘Spacebar’ before or after placing it.

Editing the Furniture parameters

All furniture components in the Snaptrude library are parametric, meaning you can instantly modify their length, width, and height from the object properties tab.

  1. To change these parameters, click on the furniture element you wish to edit

  2. Open the object properties tab. Make any changes you wish to from there.

  3. You can also change the parameters for multiple elements together.

  4. Additionally, every piece of furniture added will be included in the BOQ, and for those items added to the central library, you can view the overall cost in the costing tab (The cost tab is available only in team projects).

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