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Replace & Align Tool for Furniture
Replace & Align Tool for Furniture
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With the easy replace and align tools in Snaptrude, you can create multiple interior design options in minutes. Note that these tools can only be used on furniture elements. Let's look at how to do that.

“Replace with” Tool

Explore multiple interior design options using the 'Replace With' feature to easily view different furniture placements within the model and make numerous design changes. Follow the steps below for the same:

  1. Select Furniture:

    • Begin by selecting the furniture you want to change.

  2. Open Object Properties:

    • Click on the selected furniture to open its object properties, where you'll see associated properties.

  3. Replace With Option:

    • Below the properties, locate the 'Replace With' option.

    • A panel similar to the furniture library will appear, allowing you to choose the new element to replace the selected furniture.

  4. Multiple Changes:

    • Use multi-select to make changes to multiple furniture elements simultaneously.

    • Replace all selected elements together with other furniture options.

Alignment tool

The alignment tool allows users to orient multiple furniture elements together in a specific direction.

  1. Begin by selecting all the objects you want to orient.

  2. In the object properties tab, scroll down to the last panel.

  3. Find Alignment Options:

    • Look for several alignment options in the last panel of the object properties tab.

    • Note that elements within the selection box will be oriented in the selected direction.

  4. Choose the desired alignment option to accurately align furniture while designing your interiors.

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